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Chinese New year Dumpling party

E1 Aldgate Kitchen & Dinning 4-6 Gravel Lane, London, United Kingdom

Chinese new year is the perfect time for our Dumpling Party! Every culture around the world has a form of dumpling. They all come in different sizes and shapes and represent different symbolic meanings. In this cooking class, you will learn the role dumplings play in Chinese culture, their importance in a family reunion and how it signifies prosperity due to the dumpling's resemblance to ancient Chinese money.

In this dumpling making party, you will be following the dumpling recipe together with your friends / family or on your own. You will learn how to make dumplings from scratch from the dough to the fillings, and how to fold dumplings in 3 ways. You can customise your own fillings, so this party is for everyone!


China Town Food Crawl (Lantern Festival Edition)

China Town Gate Gerrard Pl, London W1D 5QJ

Come join us for this Chinatown Food Crawl - Red Lantern Festival special edition. On Feb 05 is the Chinese Red Lantern Festival 元宵节 (yuánxiāo jié), when China Town will be decorated with beautiful lights and lanterns. In this Food Crawl, we will take you to all the best places that we recommend, and all of the dishes that we recommend. You will also meet others students who also study in Practical Mandarin and fall in love with Chinese food just like you.


Korean Gimbap Workshop

Kimbap is a labour intensive food, due to all the ingredients you have to prepare separately. That's why it is perfect to make together and have fun at the party!
You will learn to make a big platter of all of fillings and sauces and then you can build your own kimbap. The only limit for kimbap fillings is your imagination: You can find kimbap fillings with different kind of meats and vegetables. The fun is seeing what everyone else makes and sharing it to get a taste of everyone’s rolls.
In this workshop, you will learn not just the traditional way to roll Kimbap but also 2 other interesting ways, inside out roll and triangle kimbap(samgak-kimbap), show us your creative side and you might be crowned as Kimbap Master.


Sunday Asian Film Club

130 Shoreditch Highstreet 130 Shoreditch Highstreet, London, United Kingdom

Are you a fan of Asian movies or Korean series?

With the rise in popularity of Asian-directed films as well as Korean dramas and Japanese animations, this club is aimed to provide you an introduction to the exciting world of Asian cinema. It would also be an opportunity for you to watch the movie with other Asian film enthusiasts. Our club would screen award-winning Asian movies as well as shows recommended by our Korean, Japanese and Chinese team members. We also want members to share their other passions and to provide a space for people to express their love for these films that have resonated or fascinated us.

The movies will be handpicked by our expert Asian team members. Title will be announced two weeks before the event.

Spring Hiking(踏青)@ Box Hill

Waterloo Station Waterloo Rd, London, United Kingdom

The spring is finally here! In Chinese culture, people like to go on a big hike during solar terms(节气)like 清明 (tombing sweeping festival), or 谷雨. It’s the time to appreciate the beautiful fresh blossom after the spring rain, and enjoy the warming weather after a long winter.  

We are inviting you to join us for a hike in London’s famous Box Hill hiking route. You will meet our teachers and fellow students, we’ll stretch our legs, practice your Mandarin in a beautiful scenery.

The Best of Asia (Japan, Korea, China) Tea Tasting

Aldgate Tower 2 Leman Street, London, United Kingdom

Tea is an important part of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cultures, with a long history and a significant impact on their respective societies.
In China, tea has been consumed for thousands of years and has become a symbol of Chinese culture. Tea is also an essential element of traditional Chinese medicine and is believed to have health benefits.
Similarly, in Japan, tea has been an integral part of the culture and is deeply ingrained in the country's social fabric. The Japanese tea ceremony, or "chanoyu," is a formal ritual that involves the preparation and serving of matcha tea and has a strong influence on Japanese aesthetics, philosophy, and etiquette.
Korean tea culture has been influenced by both China and Japan, but it has developed its unique characteristics and traditions.

In this event, you will get the chance to taste the most popular and signature tea from Japan, China and Korea with pairing treats for each tea. You will also learn the ritual of the traditional tea ceremony and the significant role tea plays in each country.

端午节 Dragon Boat festival – Perfume Pouches Making Workshop (19 -22 June)

Aldgate Tower 2 Leman Street, London, United Kingdom

During Dragon Boat Festival, perfume pouches are hung around people's wrists, bags, or tied to the front of a garment as an ornament. The perfume pouches are said to protect people from evil or bad luck.

We will teach you how to make your own perfume pouches! You can choose different fabrics, perfumes, and make your own unique ornament to wear on Dragon boat festival!

Fun Day Out at Hyper Japan – The UK’s Biggest J-Culture Event

Olympia London Hammersmith Rd, London, United Kingdom

Hyper Japan fuses traditional and contemporary Japanese culture showcasing music, food and history as well as anime, manga, technology and much more!

It has been running since 2010 and has become the UK’s largest Japanese Culture event. Join us to experience the colourful culture from the other side of the world in London!

Soju Tasting – the Korean National Drink

Aldgate Tower 2 Leman Street, London, United Kingdom

Ever watched a Korean movie or drama and wondered what are the rounds of shot they are drinking? It is Soju, Korea’s national drink, a grain-based spirit that’s often served in shot glasses. It is often called the Korean vodka, since it's smooth, mild, and mostly neutral. It also happens to be the best-selling liquor in the world by volume and gaining more fans each day, with good reason.

If you’re looking to try soju, or are simply curious about this Korean national drink, come join this soju tasting event. You will get the chance to taste the traditional soju and other different flavours. We will also share more about the food and drink culture in Korea.

Mahjong Workshop

Dear Asia Aldgate Centre 2 Leman St, London

Do you know how to play Mahjong? It’s the Chinese dominos game that you might have seen on TV or in the movie. There must be a reason why it’s so popular in Asia. Well, we can only think of one – it’s fun!

Come and join us for a fun Saturday afternoon, playing Mahjong and having social drinks with many other people for language exchange or cultural talks.

We will teach you how to play Mahjong if you are new to the game. The whole demonstration of how to play will be 30mins. Then you can play with other players on your own.
If you are a master already, you can get teamed up with an advanced group to engage in a more serious game. If you arrive earlier or later, doesn’t matter, talk to other people around the Mahjong table, they are most probably fellow students or other languages enthusiasts.

It's also free! Book to secure your space now!

Korean Chuseok (Thanksgiving) Festival – Songpyeon & Tea Tasting (26 & 27 Sep)

Dear Asia Aldgate Centre 2 Leman St, London

As the autumn breeze begins, we find ourselves on the cusp of one of Korea's most cherished traditions - Chuseok, the Korean Harvest Festival (Korean Thanksgiving) . This vibrant and joyful occasion is not only a time to give thanks for the bountiful harvest but also an opportunity for families and communities to come together, share stories, and create lasting memories. Join us as we pay homage to Chuseok's rich traditions, focusing on two of its most cherished elements: Korean Songpyeon and Tea.

中秋节 Mid autumn Festival – Mooncake & Tea Tasting (25 & 28 Sep)

Aldgate Tower 2 Leman Street, London, United Kingdom

August 15 on the lunar calendar is the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival. On the day, a full moon is always expected, therefore, people traditionally eat a rich pasty called Mooncakes, which is typically filled with sweet-bean or lotus-seed paste, or sometimes with a salted duck egg yolk. When family sits together to offer prayers to the moon goddess on this day, they often eat mooncakes.

For this Mid Autumn Festival, we’d like to invite you to taste different types of Moon cakes and Chinese tea. The traditional flavours include white lotus seed, green tea, red bean paste, wu ren (mixed nuts), salted egg yolk, and yam… Come and taste different mooncakes before your evening class!

Halloween Japanese Kitsune (Fox) Mask Painting Workshop

Aldgate Tower 2 Leman Street, London, United Kingdom

The Kitsune mask has been a staple in Japanese culture for hundreds of years. You may have seen it being used in manga, film, and theatre. A kitsune mask is a traditional Japanese mask that represents a fox. In Japanese folklore, the kitsune is a mythical creature with shape-shifting abilities and supernatural powers. It is believed to possess intelligence and wisdom.

We are inviting you to join this fun workshop! You’ll use brushes, colourful paint, your imagination and creativity to draw a beautiful fox mask just for yourself!

Single Day Hotpot

Central London

Singles' Day is a holiday celebrated in China on Nov 11. Unmarried people commemorate the occasion by treating themselves to gifts and presents, leading Singles' Day, or Double 11 as it's also known.

So this year’s single’s day, we are arranging a heartwarming hot pot party for everyone! If you are single and would like to meet people, or you just want to make some new friends, this event is for you! Hot pot in winter is also heartwarming and cosy – perfect for this date!