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We aim to promote positive representation of ESEA cultures and build a community to celebrate our heritage – languages, food, crafts and much more. We strive to bring people together and create a strong community that share laughers and experiences of the vibrant Asian culture. Here, we take pride to be a diverse and inclusive community, providing a safe place for people to learn a different culture. It is a community for you to share knowledge, foster meaning connections and create joy. Everyone is welcome here. Come join us and embrace different cultures!

We highly value our teachers and work with the best in the industry. We are on constant lookout for talents to join our team. If you are experienced and passionate in becoming one of our teachers or instructors, we would love to hear from you! Below are the roles available:

Japanese/ Korean / Chinese Language Teachers

Are you experienced or qualified in teaching any Asian languages like Japanese, Korean, Chinese? We provide extensive training to our teachers. By joining our teaching team, you will be part of a very established and professional teacher’s team, not to mention all of the other perks that come with it.

  • Competitive hourly rate and performance bonus
  • Flexibility in your working hours to suit your lifestyle
  • Free teaching training
  • Professional team support
  • Great work environment in Central London

Asian Art and crafts instructors

Are you a trained chef or passionate home cook? Are you a creative pastry chef? If you are experienced and specialised in teaching how to make the signature Asian dishes/ pastries, we’d love to hear from you!

  • Competitive day rate
  • Flexible schedule for you
  • Professional team support before and after class
  • Marketing team to promote your talent
  • The class is your stage to shine!

Join our team now! Please send us your CV and highlight relevant experiences to