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6 chinese festivals we celebrate
Asian Cultures

The 6 Chinese festivals we celebrate here at Dear Asia London

At Dear Asia London, we don’t just teach languages, we also celebrate our culture and traditions with our students to make each language come to life. We understand how language and culture are intrinsically intertwined because language is not just a means of communication; it is a reflection of the culture from which it originates…

Increase culture diversity in your company
Asian Cultures

How to raise your company Cultural Diversity Awareness for Asia in particular

Embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity within the workplace is not just a corporate responsibility but also a catalyst for innovation and growth. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it’s crucial for companies to recognize and elevate the cultural diversity of their Asian employees. In this blog, we’ll explore strategies to raise the Asian diversity culture…

Popular Asian cooking classes
Asian Cultures

Our Most Popular 3 Cooking Classes for Team Building Events

When it comes to team building events, London offers a plethora of options, but none are quite as delightful and engaging as cooking classes. At Dear Asia London, we offer three standout Asian cooking experiences for teams: the Dumpling Workshop, the Kimchi Workshop, and the Bento Workshop. These classes are not only a feast for…

8 Japanese Do, Chado, the way of tea
Asian Cultures

The 8 Japanese “do” 道 to learn the way of life

Japan is a country known not only for its breathtaking landscapes and rich history but also for its profound philosophical and cultural traditions. Among these traditions, the concept of ‘Do’ (道), often translated as “the way,” plays a central role. These paths, encompassing practices such as Chado (茶道), Shodo (書道), Kado (華道), Geido (芸道), Kendo…

Introducing Asian cultures in your company
Asian Cultures

Ideas to introduce these vibrant Asian cultures in your company

In today’s globalized world, diversity and inclusion have become paramount in the workplace. Embracing different cultures not only fosters an inclusive atmosphere but also broadens perspectives, encourages innovation, and enriches corporate culture. One way to achieve this is by introducing vibrant Asian cultures within your company. Asia is a continent of immense diversity, offering a…

Celebrate Korean Chuseok Festival
Asian Cultures

Celebrate Korean chusok with our Korean songpyeon and tea tasting workshop

As the seasons change, so do our reasons for celebrating. One of the most cherished Korean holidays in autumn, Chuseok, also known as Korean Thanksgiving Day, is a time for families to come together, express gratitude, and share in bountiful harvest feasts. At Dear Asia London, we believe in embracing cultural diversity and celebrating traditions…

idea for team building in London
Asian Cultures

Dear Asia London offers you 10 ideas for your next company team building

Team building is an essential aspect of fostering a positive and productive work environment. It helps improve communication, collaboration, and morale among employees. If you’re planning your next company team building event in London, look no further! We have curated a list of 10 innovative and engaging ideas that will ensure your team bonds while…

Speaking practice for TOPIK in Korean class
Language Learning Learn Korean

How can I train to take TOPIK speaking test from 2023?

The Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) is a renowned examination that assesses your Korean language skills. In 2023, as you prepare to take the TOPIK speaking test, you’ll want to ensure you’re fully prepared. We are here to provides you with a detailed guide on how to prepare effectively for the TOPIK speaking test….

TOPIK readiness guide
Language Learning Learn Korean

When you would be ready to take TOPIK 2?

The Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) is a rigorous assessment of your Korean language skills, and achieving TOPIK 2 is a significant milestone. But how can you be sure that you’re ready to tackle the challenges of this higher level? We will explore the indicators and considerations that can help you determine when you’re…

Korean books recommendation
Language Learning Learn Korean

Our Korean academic manager also recommends this Korean books, if you are self studying.

Whether you’re planning to study in South Korea, communicate with Korean friends and family, or simply explore Korean culture through its language, a valuable resource in your learning arsenal is a collection of good Korean books. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to a selection of popular Korean books recommended by our Korean academic manager,…

Making of Korean Travel Survival Tiktok course
Language Learning Learn Korean

How somethings cannot be taught via books? The process of us making our Korean travel survival Tiktok course.

Are you thinking learn some Korean from books before traveling to Korea? In a world saturated with knowledge, books have long been considered the first source. They offer a gateway to centuries of accumulated information, insights, and experiences. However, there are certain skills and experiences that elude the confines of printed pages. That’s why we…

Sustainable way to learn Korean towards fluency
Language Learning Learn Korean

Introducing the sustainable way to learn Korean towards fluency

Language learning is a transformative journey that requires dedication, consistency, and a sustainable approach. As an established Asian language school, we understand that achieving fluency in the Korean language is not just about learning the basics but also about maintaining and continuously improving your language skills over time. We are going to introduce you to…

What are the difficulties learning Korean
Language Learning Learn Korean

“It’s not difficult to learn Hanguel” most of our students said, then what is the difficult “bits” in learning Korean?

Most of our students from Korean Beginner classes think that it’s not really difficult to learn Hangeul. Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, is often praised for its simplicity and logical structure. However, while learning Hangeul may be a breeze, the road to becoming proficient in Korean can still be challenging. We have talked our students to…

Learn Korean in Korea
Language Learning Learn Korean

Considering to learn Korean in Korea? Thinking Seoul maybe? Here is what our teachers have to say.

Learning a new language can be an incredibly enriching experience, but what if you could immerse yourself in the language and culture ? If you’re considering learning Korean, there’s no better place to do it than in Korea itself. South Korea offers a unique opportunity for language learners to combine their studies with cultural immersion….

Our complete step by step Korean learning guide
Language Learning Learn Korean

Beginner to Korean? Here is our handholding learning guide for you.

Are you fascinated by the rich culture, delicious cuisine, and vibrant entertainment scene of South Korea? Perhaps you’re planning a trip to Korea or simply just want to dive into the world of K-dramas and K-pop. Whatever your motivation, learning the Korean language can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Beyond the Korean entertainment and food,…

Free Korean Travel Survival Course
Travel Korea Travel Tips

Travelling to Korea soon? Here is the Free or Useful Korean Travel Survival Course for you

Traveling to Korea is an exciting adventure filled with vibrant culture, breath taking landscapes, and delicious cuisine. However, experiencing the country to the fullest often involves interacting with locals and immersing yourself in the Korean language. To help you make the most of your Korean journey, we’re introducing a Korean Travel Survival Course that’s tailored…

Best and free materials for TOPIK exams
Language Learning Learn Korean

Free material to download for TOPIK exams

TOPIK is the most popular Korean test worldwide. It is an international standardised exam that measures Korean skills for non-native speakers. NIIED (National Institute for International Education) certifies your Korean language ability. It works under the Korean Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology. It means you will earn a recognised certificate accepted globally for different…

Guide on when you will be ready to take TOPIK 1
Language Learning Learn Korean

When you would be ready to take TOPIK 1?

If you have been taking Korean classes or self-studying Korean, you may have heard the word TOPIKmentioned a few times. But what is TOPIK, exactly?  The Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) is a standardized test designed to assess the language proficiency of non-native speakers. TOPIK 1, in particular, is aimed at beginners or those with…

Korean courses for beginner to advance with Sejong korean books
Language Learning Learn Korean

Discover our Korean learning programs from Beginner to Intermediate with Sejong Korean books

Learning Korean is a rewarding and enriching experience, and it’s even more exciting when you know you will be learning from a well-structured, effective programs. At Dear Asia London, we’re committed to providing our students with top-notch language learning programs. One of the cornerstones of our Korean language curriculum is the use of Sejong Korean…

Why it took so much time to pick good Korean textbook for our Korean courses
Language Learning Learn Korean

It took us so much time to pick the best Korean learning books for our students

Selecting the right resources for our students is a task that requires careful consideration and a deep understanding of both Korean language itself and the needs of the students. Our mission is to provide the best language learning experience, choosing Korean learning books for our students was no easy feat. In this blog, we will…

Set budget for learning Korean
Language Learning Learn Korean

How much should I budget for a hobby like learning Korean?

Everyone has their own hobbies and passion that brings them joy. You might find learning a new language like Korean brings you joy and fulfilment, but it also costs you money. You might find yourself struggle to balance your passion and your finance. It is important to have a realistic and sustainable plan to enjoy…

Korean Training Method for beginner to advance
Language Learning Learn Korean

What is our Korean training method for beginner learners to even advanced?

The allure of learning a new language has the power to open doors to unique cultures, foster connections, and broaden horizons. Among the languages gaining popularity in recent years, Korean has emerged as a dynamic and captivating choice. Whether you’re a beginner eager to grasp the basics or an advanced learner striving for fluency, finding…

Reason why we don't want to teach Kanji in our Japanese beginner courses.
Language Learning Learn Japanese

Why we don’t want to teach Kanji in our Japanese beginner courses.

At Dear Asia London, we prioritise providing the most effective and comprehensive learning experience for our students. One aspect that sets us apart is our choice not to include Kanji (Chinese characters) in our Japanese beginner courses, there are some good reasons why we don’t introduce Kanji until elementary level. We are going to explain…

How we teach Japanese beginner students to learn Hiragana and Katakana effectively.
Language Learning Learn Japanese

How we teach Japanese beginner students to learn Hiragana and Katakana effectively.

Learning a new language can be a thrilling adventure, and for those diving into the captivating world of Japanese, mastering the scripts of Hiragana and Katakana is a crucial first step. We have help many of our beginner students to conquer these essential Japanese writing systems effectively. Before we delve into the teaching methodology, let’s…

Learn to read Japanese manga without translation
Asian Cultures Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese to read your favorite manga without translation? Sure, we got you!

Are you a fan Japanese manga? Have you ever wonder why it is so popular? Manga is a diverse and expansive medium with a wide range of genres and styles targeting people at different ages and interests. This way, they can be sure people from different age, gender will be catered to something they are…

Japanese student interview
Learn Japanese

We asked our students: what excites you the most to take on learning Japanese?

We have been an essential part of our students’ Japanese learning journey. Our students came from all walks of life, they all have different stories and reasons on why they want to learn Japanese. The one thing in common for sure is they are all very excited in this beautiful language. Our students shared with…

Why we don't choose Genki or Minano Nihongo
Learn Japanese

Why we didn’t pick the popular Japanese learning books like Genki or Minano nihongo

Unlocking Japanese Proficiency: Exploring Popular Textbooks for Your Journey To guide you along your exciting path to a world of Japanese language and culture, let’s delve into some of the most renowned Japanese textbooks, each carefully designed to empower your learning. At our DA Japanese School, we’re thrilled to introduce you to these invaluable resources…

Japanese language private lesson
Language Learning Learn Japanese

If you are looking for a Japanese tutor to help you prepare for JLPT test

Choosing the Right Japanese Tutor: Your Pathway to JLPT Success Embarking on the exciting journey of mastering the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is like setting sail for a new world of opportunities. Whether you’re a fresh beginner aiming for the N5 level or a seasoned learner striving for greater heights, a skilled Japanese tutor…

Top 10 hot spots for Japanese culture lovers in London
London Guide

Top 10 hot spots for Japanese culture lovers in London

Explore the depths of Japanese culture doesn’t require a plane ticket to Japan. London is renowned for its cultural diversity, offers an array of enriching experiences that allow you to experience the captivating culture of Japan. From serene gardens to bustling festivals, Japanese traditions, arts, and flavors awaits. Here are the top 10 places we…

Guide to taking JLPT Japanese test in London
Learn Japanese

Our guide to taking JLPT test in London

Your JLPT N5 Journey in London: Dear Asia London’s Guiding Light Welcome to the vibrant tapestry of Japanese language and culture, right here in the heart of London! DA Japanese School is elated to accompany you on your odyssey toward conquering the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) exam. Let’s embark together on this illuminating expedition,…

Travel survival Japanese course
Travel Japan Travel Tips

Travelling to Japan this year? Free or Bespoke Japanese Travel Survival Course for you

If you have plans to visit Japan – be it this year or next – why not start equipping yourself with the language, cultural knowledge and practical tips to help you get the most out of your trip? Learning some basic Japanese before traveling to Japan can be incredibly helpful and enhance your overall travel…

Japanese for Busy People textbook for Japanese Beginner
Learn Japanese

Introducing Japanese for Busy People book for our beginner learners

It is important to choose the right textbook when learning a new language. Textbooks serve as structured learning resources that provide foundational knowledge, grammar rules, vocabulary, and exercises to help you progress in your language learning. Our Japanese teachers has analysed different Japanese textbooks available and found that the Japanese for Busy People is the…

Our students passing JLPT N5 Japanese test
Learn Japanese

How to pass JLPT N5 test after taking our Beginner courses?

Embarking on Your JLPT N5 Journey: Triumph with DA Japanese Beginner Course Hey there, language enthusiast! Ready to dive headfirst into the captivating realm of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)? Buckle up, because this journey promises not just language mastery, but a passport to an enriching world of culture, communication, and boundless possibilities. You…

Useful app to learn Japanese by student review
Learn Japanese

Popular Apps our students use at home as supplement to our Japanese classes

Choosing the best language app for learning Japanese can be a bit overwhelming due to the many options available. Duolingo always go-to app for many language learners, but is it good for Japanese learning? Are there other apps better for learning Japanese as a beginner? Our Japanese class students have tried and tested quite a…

Japan travel
Travel Tips

Why Japan should be at the Top of your Travel Bucket List?

Japan is an incredibly diverse and fascinating country that should be on every traveller’s bucket list. With its unique culture, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cities, it’s easy to see why Japan is a must-visit destination. From ancient shrines and serene temples to modern technology and delicious cuisine, there’s something for everyone in Japan. In 2023,…

learn a new language
Language Learning

The Top Surprising Benefits of Learning a New Language

1) Develop your brain A foreign language has its own complex set of rules, grammar structures, and vocabulary. Your brain must adapt to complexity as it makes sense of and assimilates new patterns when learning a new language. Key learning abilities like cognitive thinking and problem-solving are developed as our brains attempt to communicate by…

chinese culture, shanghai
Asian Cultures

Interesting Chinese Cultural Facts that May Surprise You

1) There are 56 ethnicity groups in China, the Han is the majority. Although there are 56 recognised ethnic groups by the Chinese government, the Han people make up the majority (an estimated 92% of the total Chinese population). Each ethnic minority has its own set of social norms, languages, cultures, attire, and other characteristics….

chinese new year
Asian Cultures

Chinese New Year Customs and Tradition You need to Know

The most significant celebration in China, and in numerous other East Asian nations is Chinese New Year, sometimes referred to as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. The holiday known as Chinese New Year marks the start of a fresh year according to the ancient lunisolar Chinese calendar. Prior to becoming a time for feasting…

Expert Tips on How to Learn a New Language
Language Learning

Expert Tips on How to Learn a New Language

As language teachers, the most common question we get asked aka the hardest question to answer is this: how can I learn a new language? To start, everyone learns differently. The methods preferred by a visual learner may make a kinaesthetic learner very frustrated. Then, there are age, motivation, language exposure, L1 (first language) interference,…

Why is there a growing interest in learning Asian languages?
Language Learning

Why is there a growing interest in learning Asian languages?

Entranced by the thought of East Asia, people are wanting to study languages from the area more and more. Even Korean, from a relatively small country, is in the top ten for languages being learned. Likely this is due to the interest taken in the cultural aspects of the place, and their prevalence in popular…

people watching netflix on sofa at home
Language Learning

The best new Korean series/ K-drama to watch on Netflix now

The rise in popularity and global awareness of Korean entertainment is often dubbed as ‘Hallyu’, literally means Korean wave. The wave has been catalysed further by Squid Game, the most successful series Netflix has ever produced. The good news is the series will be returning for a second season. Meanwhile, here are the top 3…