Celebrating Xmas with dear asia london

Want to throw an unique memorable Christmas celebration? We offer a variety of festive ideas including gift wrapping workshops and team building cooking classes for you.

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Adding an asian touch to xmas

Want to add a unique twist to your Christmas celebrations? We have just the thing for you, If you’re seeking an innovative workshop for your team. Introducing our Japanese Furoshiki gift-wrapping workshop—available on demand! This workshop will show you how to wrap gifts with a touch of Japanese tradition, adding both elegance and sustainability to your holiday presents.

Furoshiki, the traditional Japanese art of wrapping items with a single piece of cloth, brings a delightful mix of beauty and eco-friendliness to the holiday season. Unlike traditional wrapping paper, which often ends up in the trash, furoshiki can be reused, displayed, or even worn, making it a sustainable alternative for the environmentally conscious.

  • Flexible Time Slot at Your Workplace : one hour session during lunch break or after work
  • Discover Various Techniques: explore different furoshiki wrapping styles to create stunning and personalized gifts.
  • Promote Sustainability: Learn how furoshiki encourages eco-friendly practices, reducing waste and promoting reusability during the holidays and beyond.

Get ready to impress your friends, family, and colleagues with beautifully wrapped gifts that carry a touch of Japanese elegance. Arrange for your team a special Furoshiki Xmas gift wrapping workshop and make this holiday season truly special!

“We’re Excited About Exploring Furoshiki Gift Wrapping As A Sustainable Option For Our Christmas Presents.”

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“Dear Asia’s cooking class was a big hit for my team. Everyone had a great time.”

Team building cooking classes

A cooking class is a fantastic way to bring your team together during Christmas, fostering collaboration while everyone learns about new favors and culture. Dear Asia is not a traditional culinary school. We specialised in hosting cooking classes for private groups, which are designed with team building activities in mind, and are perfect for corporate events. 

Option 1 – Korean KFC & beer

Discover the bold flavors of Korean cuisine and the art of using condiments to create the popular Korean-style fried chicken (or cauliflower). Pair your dish with authentic Korean beer for a truly satisfactory experience.

Option 2 – Dumpling Making Workshop

This dumpling workshop is perfect for large groups, with minimal cooking and no chopping required. Our DIY filling setup allows you to customize each dumpling to suit any dietary preference, making it a versatile and fun activity for everyone.

Option 3 – Kimchi making party

Kimchi making is a hands-on experience that offers immense satisfaction, especially when you get to take home your own jar of homemade kimchi. Ideal for a 1-1.5 hour express-style workshop, it’s a quick and fun way to learn about this iconic Korean dish while creating something uniquely yours.

Option 4 – Creative Bento Challenge

Unleash your creativity this Christmas with a bento-making challenge, where guests craft beautifully arranged Japanese lunch boxes. It’s a fun and artistic way to celebrate the holiday season, with a friendly competition to see who can design the most festive bento.

Our client reviews

Read reviews from our clients to see how our cultural workshops have made a positive impact on workplace cultural diversity.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
What a fantastic event. I have had several colleagues approach me to tell that it was their favorite event they’ve been to!
Philippa Bradbury
Mayer Brown
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Everyone at the event gave the most positive feedback about the session and are dying to have you guys come back for other events.
Nicole Chan
Just Eat
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I’m very pleased with how the workshop turned out. Everyone loved the mooncakes and tea, and had a fantastic time. Thanks for the quiz prizes as well.
Isabela Gomes
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
We’ve invited Dear Asia to run events for our teams two years in a row, and they’ve been fantastic each time. We definitely recommend them.
Shahir Ahmed
Universal Pictures

Bespoke cultural workshops for companies

Explore our range of workshops on Asian cultures, perfect for your next team-building event or cultural learning session at work.

Luna New Year Celebration

Lunar New Year, known as the Spring Festival in China, Seollal in Korea, and Oshogatsu in Japan, is a cherished occasion in the hearts of Asian communities around the globe. To mark this special event, the Dear Asia team is delighted to offer office decoration services and prepare traditional Lunar New Year delicacies and customs for your celebration. Among our popular team activities during this festive period is our Dumpling Making Party. We recommend booking early, as our schedule tends to fill up quickly during the two weeks of Lunar New Year.

Best of Asia Tea Tasting

Our tea tasting workshop is an ideal way to enrich your team’s understanding of Asian tea culture and the associated way of life. In contrast to coffee, tea holds a significant place in Asian culture, with its renowned tea-serving ceremonies and communal tea-drinking practices that foster sharing, communication, mindfulness, and a sense of connection. By booking this unique workshop, you can introduce your team to the Asian lifestyle and encourage them to appreciate different cultures. It’s a fantastic opportunity to promote cultural awareness and enhance team bonding through the art of tea.

Best of Asia Zen Crafting

Our Asian Zen crafting workshop is thoughtfully crafted to offer a serene experience that fosters a connection with the rich arts and crafts of Asian heritage. Through engaging in these gentle crafting activities, we aim to inspire a deeper appreciation for Asian aesthetics while providing a serene space for individuals to find tranquility in the creative process. The workshop covers a range of practices, including Japanese origami, Chinese calligraphy, and Korean embroidery, promoting not only inner peace but also the creation of beautiful, meaningful art, resulting in a profound sense of accomplishment with each creation.

Moon Festival Celebration

Commemorating the full moon in the middle of the lunar year, the Moon Festival is known as the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, Chuseok in Korea, and Tsukimi in Japan. For teams in London, we are thrilled to offer our signature Moon Festival celebration, featuring an array of special treats, pairing teas, and engaging games. At this workshop, you will have the opportunity to delve into the rich traditions of three distinct Asian cultures, discovering the significance and customs surrounding this special day. It’s a unique chance to explore the diverse ways in which China, Korea, and Japan celebrate the full moon festival.

Best of Asia Drink Tasting

Our “Best of Asia” drink tasting workshop presents a delightful opportunity to acquaint your team with a variety of unique drinks and exotic flavors. We’re excited to share with you a carefully curated selection of beverages from various regions of Asia, each boasting its distinct taste profiles and potential mixing options. During this engaging workshop, we not only explore these intriguing flavors but also delve into the rich tapestry of Asian drinking culture. Your team will gain insights into the customs, traditions, and even fun drinking games that are integral to these cultures.

Best of Asia Food Crawl

Asian street food’s irresistible blend of flavors and affordability has made it a global favorite among food lovers of all backgrounds. Our food crawl adventure will transport your team to the lively heart of London’s Chinatown in the West End. From an engaging cultural discussion about the history of Asian cuisines in the UK to uncovering hidden culinary gems known only to locals, this walking tour promises to immerse you in the local knowledge. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to savor 4 to 6 different street food tastings, making it a flavorful and unforgettable experience.

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