Slack for Communications

Slack introduction

How we use Slack messaging app to communicate with teachers. General introduction and your channel.


How to turn on Slack notifications to make sure smooth communication for your work.

Acuity for time management

Acuity Introduction

How to use Acuity scheduling to manage your working time. General introduction.

Set up your availability

You can save regular hours, or change certain dates, or connect with your digital calendar.

Connect to your personal calendar

Connect your personal calendar to your Acuity calendar, so your personal appointments will block out Acuity availability.

Acuity Zoom lesson link

How to use Acuity automatically generated zoom link to have private zoom, or group zoom lessons.

How to Schedule lessons for your student

Help your students book lessons in your calendar. Make sure you use their certificate code when you book lessons.

Cancel or reschedule a lesson

Students cannot reschedule within 24 hours, if they contact you to reschedule this lesson, you have options to refuse, or cancel/reschedule for them.

how Many hours left in student’s package

How to help your students check the remaining hours in their learning package.

Zoho for File Sharing

Zoho introduction

How to access teaching materials on Zoho and use it for your lessons.

Share material with students

How to share learning materials with your students.

Zoom for Online Lessons

Zoom for private lesson

How to use Zoom for your private lessons, where to find the Zoom links or your personal Zoom room ID.

Record a lesson for students

How to use Zoom to record a live lesson for students who cannot make it.

send your Zoom recordings

After recording the lesson on Zoom, how to send recordings to students.