Welcome to teach DA private Lessons

Our Center

We are looking for solutions to provide a good space for private lessons, coming up soon…

Student’s Premises

Some lessons will be held at student’s premises, i.e. their home or office. We normally don’t accept students outside of Zone 2, unless it’s very close to the teacher’s residence.

Online Lessons

Teachers can conduct these lessons anywhere. When your Acuity is set up properly, each lesson should have a auto generated Zoom link for you and your students to log into.

  • Trial lesson these days will normally happen online, to give a neutral environment so teachers can vest the students before meeting them in person.
  • If we assign you a new student with a booked package, treat first lesson like a trial lesson anyway to find out more about this students.
  • Most of our students are professionals, so they would prefer to come to Aldgate or have the lessons in their office. Only rarely they are happy to go to a public cafe. However, it’s up to you and the students to discuss where best to host these lessons.
For Chinese Lessons

How to conduct trial lesson

  • Be well-prepared.
  • Be observant and patient.
  • Be in control, show them what you have in mind.
  • Be helpful, you are willing to help them achieve their goals.
  • Be passionate, share energy to learn.
  • Be personable and friendly, student will be spending time with you, learning with you should be something the student look forward to.
For Japanese Lessons

Trial Lesson Procedure

  • Roughly know the student’s level, choose the appropriate level to test the student.
  • Start with greeting, warming up, get to know the students, even in English is ok, talk about their learning history, preference, motivations etc.
  • Continue with target language assessment, ask questions to know where their listening and speaking levels are, then test vocabularies, grammar, or reading.
  • After assessment, understand where this student is on our course level, and introduce the course to him/her, by showing one typical lesson of the course.
  • At the end, ask the student’s for feedback, what he/she thinks about the course, and express you are ready to help, talk about the learning plan.
For Korean Lessons

After trial lesson

  • First thing – report back to headoffice.
  • Your feedback will also help headoffice to target the student’s needs. If it all goes well, student will book one of our packages, DA will send them a certificate email with a code, this code contains their lesson credits. Teachers will be copied in this email, so you know you’ve won the student and can expect new bookings.
  • Second thing – arrange your calendar availability to for the student.
  • One important thing to remember is to allow enough time on your availability for your students. It’s unfair if a student books the package but then finds out that his primary lesson time is not available on the teacher’s calendar all the time. And even if the student wants to be flexible to book alternative time, there is not much choice. You should also consider when you take on more private students, your availability should increase to cope with booking.
  • If students don’t take their lessons, you won’t get paid. Therefore, it’s important to urge students to take their lessons as regularly as possible. On the other hand, it’s also useful to remind them of their lesson expiration date.
  • Besides Acuity sending students a reminder 3 days after your lesson if they haven’t got any more lessons pre-booked, teacher can also take the initiatives to discuss a regular time slot, and pre-book more lessons for them.
  • Please click HERE for more training on how to use Acuity.
  • For private student, there is always an expectation to customize their learning plan, especially with higher level students.
  • For students with interest in certain areas, you might have to find online content as case study material, you can also ask the student to bring material from their work (for confidential documents, remember to keep the principle of a MDA agreement).
  • Additionally, your lesson progress should cater to student’s learning progress and their overall goals and time frame. Tailor your teaching style accordingly to the students’ needs.
  • Ask DA learning / academic team for suggestions when in doubt.