Korean Travel Survival Course Training

Monthly Demo Lesson

Our demo lesson is offered to students who want to find out how to learn Korean with us. Students could have found us from different channels. They have the interest to learn Korean, but not necessarily have the strongest intention to take up a 10 week course.

In this demo lesson, we need to show students how it is like to learn Korean with us, why it’d be super fun to add weekly lessons to their busy life. The lesson is only 1.5 hours, it’s the teacher’s time to best showcase a fun, interactive, engaging, sociable and cultural stimulating class. It’s also a good time to let students be themselves, feel comfortable enough to share their interest in Korean language and culture, ultimately feel comfortable enough to come back for more lessons.

Understand the students

Most Korean beginner students have strong interest in Korean pop cultures and traveling to Korea. They might be familiar with Hanguel already, since learning how to read Korean is not too difficult. They might know some basic words already since they like watching K-dramas.

What they want from us by joining this course, is to understand how this language works, so they can speak it. Pronunciation and sentence structure would be for beginners. At the same time, they also want a fun and “Korean” experience. By bringing Korean pop culture topics, travel tips, and Korean games and snacks, or even your favorite Kpop songs would be important to make this course an overall winning experience!

Understand the Mission

  • Get to know your students with chicchat, ask them questions ask them to introduce themselves, to share some insights on what brought them to your lesson, connect with them via common interest
  • Learn some greetings, train them on pronunciations, ask them to imitate you, so they can speak some Korean right away.
  • Explain why learning Korean could be so easy! Encourage them that by following our teaching, they can speak Korean lesson by lesson.
  • Teach some basic Hanguel, do listening and reading practise, make it fun.
  • If you have time, teach the numbers, if not, you can leave this part.
  • Give 5 mins at the end of the lessons for Q&A, to help students want to know more about our courses.
learn Korean textbook with dear asia language school london

How to use Kahoot

  • There is a Kahoot game designed for this lesson, it’s a good opportunity to show students how we use multi media to engage them. It’s an interactive game where students need to use their phones to take part. There will be winners! So students get really competitive.
  • Link below, and watch the video on how to use it in class.