Korean Elementary 2 Course Training

Course overview

Korean Elementary 1 course is for 10 weeks on weekday evenings or 5 weeks intensive over Saturdays.

Students will join as confident beginner who learnt to read Hanguel, who learnt basic conversational Korean, and ready to learn a bit more.

The curriculum of this course will include a warm up lesson, ice breakers and getting to know your class well, then learning Sejong Korean Book1B Unit 5 to 12, finish with the last lesson of review and practise. Please download the curriculum for details.

Understand the students

Most Korean beginner students have strong interest in Korean pop cultures and traveling to Korea. If they made it to Beginner 3, that means they are warmed up to learning Korean as a language. They have motivations to invest time and effort to learning, and they wish for fluency in Korean, even though in reality, they are still quite far away from fluency.

We should encourage these students though. By showing them what they can do already at this level, maybe even try going to Korean restaurant and speak to the waiter or waitress in basic Korean!

At the same time, they also want a fun and “Korean” experience. By bringing Korean pop culture topics, travel tips, and Korean games and snacks, or even your favorite Kpop songs would be important to make this course an overall winning experience!

We are using Sejong Korean course books imported from Korean. In this Beginner 3 course, you will be using Book 1B Unit 5 – 12. Our PPT are designed as 10 weeks, for intensive classes, use 2 per week. Our activity handouts are printed out for you in a folder for the whole course. Please make sure you don’t loose any pieces from them, and return the folder after the course.

There are two online tools – Quizlet & Kahoot, that we designed for the classes, please find below videos on how to access and use them.

All material can be accessed on Zoho platform, please request access.

We use Sejong Korean books to set our curriculum for Level 1-6 courses.

We produce these PPT for you to teach each lesson in an organised and structured way.

We design activities to engage students, to participate, talk and play in class.

We upload new words of the lesson onto Quizlet as flashcards or you can play live games with them.

We design 10 questions for a quick live assessment each lesson, students love this game!

How to use quizlet

  • Sign up to this course Quizlet class first, you and your students will need to request for full access, headoffice will approve when the requests come through.
  • Look at the video, learn to use Quizlet functions, especially Live Group Game. It’s competitive and fun! However, it requires a minimum of 4 students to start the game.
  • Encourage students to use Quizlet to review words after lesson on the phone. It’s effective and fun!

How to use Kahoot

  • Access to each lesson Kahoot links below.
  • It’s an interactive assessment tool, but try to avoid students getting too competitive or frustrated by it.
  • Control your time with this section, it’s normally about 10 mins max, best after students learn grammar or when they need a bit of fun!

Class Management Tips

Icebreakers for first lessons

To warm up a group of strangers in the room, the teacher has to be the facilitator here.

After class homewords

To maintain students sticking to the class, encourage them to share homework to waht’sapp group.

Engaging tired students

Feel the room, if students are less energetic, change to a game, or small chat about their personal life too.

Cultural Elements

Bring in anything you love about Korean culture to share with them, snacks, music, movies, traditions or tips.

Teaching Tips & Demo

Lesson 1

Lesson 3

Lesson 5

Lesson 7

Lesson 9

Teaching Tips & Demo

Lesson 2

Lesson 4

Lesson 6

Lesson 8

Lesson 10