• All class communications will be here to replace emails or other forms.
  • Keep the group live, help students to get to know each other, share interesting things about Chinese learning or culture for students, cultivate and help to sustain their interest.
  • Leave homework in the group and ask students to submit homework in the group.
  • Help students troubleshoot if necessary
  • Use it for in class activities, like teaching students how to type in Pinyin, like submitting answers, sending interesting links
  • DA learning team will also use this group for announcements and chasing next course enrolment.
  • Students’ learning interest will be strengthen by the teacher, and by other people in the group, therefore having a friendly group is very important.
  • DA provides £10 per group class per term for teachers to pick out some Asian snacks and treats for students in their lessons.
  • DA also provides £20 per group class per term for teachers to take their students to Chinese restaurant for graduation meal, and for an authentic cultural experience.
  • To claim the group snack/meal allowance, please submit the itemised VAT receipt along with your monthly invoice
  • Additionally, DA also provides cultural events, teachers are encouraged to join (expenses paid / compensated for £10/hour) and help to promote Chinese culture to the community.
  • You might receive a trial student information from DA learning team, or from Acuity saying someone has booked a lesson in your class.
  • Please chat with this student before or after the class what they have learnt, and what their strength and weakness is.
  • Try to involve this trial student into the class, ask him to pair work with an active outgoing student.
  • After your group and private student’s trial, please update HQ on Slack regarding the below factors: -Was he/she at the right level? -What was he/she like in class? -What did he/she say regarding the class, if any?
  • Not all of your students will attend every lesson. It’s more often than not, they will be absent for a few times during a 10 week course.
  • When students ask you about make up lessons, we suggest you to tell them to contact head office learning team.
  • In general, we offer them two Free make up lessons with a different class, if we can find good options. The Chinese team also has review podcasts for Level 1 -2, which is quite enough for students to listen and make up.
  • Alternatively, students can book private make up lessons for a discounted price.
  • Before you start a course, learning team will send you an attendance record sheet.
  • Update student’s attendance, submit it at the end of your course to Learning Team.
  • Our system will automatically send you a Report In email before your class finishes to ask for feedbacks, if Learning team has not been in touch on Slack yet to gauge the progress of the class.


  • For Beginner 1 classes, we offer graduation certificates if they finish their first course.
  • For Beginner 3, Elementary 4, and Intermediate 4 classes, we offer them graduation certificates when they finish their level, so teachers of these classes, please let learning team know the names of the students that will be awarded the certificates.
  • For all classes graduating, we should offer them a ritual or ceremony for graduating their courses. Social team would normally come in at their last lesson for graduation pictures.
  • We also encourage teachers taking students out for a meal, there are so many Asian restaurants around Aldgate, it’s a good time for students to bond and nurture that relationship going forward. We offer teachers £20 for the meal out.
  • Remember to take some pictures and post on your class what’sapp.
  • Remember to take a picture of the receipt with VAT, and submit to learning team while you submit your invoice at the end of the month.

Next course enrollment

  • Two weeks before your course finishes, DA learning team would discuss with you a successive course for the class, so it’s a good time to gauge student’s interest in class, please update DA who are likely to join, who are not, this information is very important for our planning.
  • After your second last lesson, PM will send the next course enrolment email to students, and chase up on whatsapp the following week. Please encourage students to join.
  • During the course, it’s also important to let students know what their future of learning is like. Let them know what they will learn in the next level. What the next level of course will benefit them, to prepare their motivations to go forward.
  • When changing levels, please reassure students to take lesson with a different teacher. Each of our teachers are experts at their specific level, so let them go and wish them a happy graduation.

Google Reviews & Feedbacks

For your last lesson, try to encourage students to give us 5 star review on Google if they are happy, give us feedback if they have something to say for our operation to improve on.

Head office will send emails to them, this is also the time when we collect feedbacks on the school and the on the teacher. Information will be shared. The teacher will also earn bonus for a positive google review.