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When it comes to team building events, London offers a plethora of options, but none are quite as delightful and engaging as cooking classes. At Dear Asia London, we offer three standout Asian cooking experiences for teams: the Dumpling Workshop, the Kimchi Workshop, and the Bento Workshop. These classes are not only a feast for the taste buds but also a masterclass in teamwork, creativity, and cultural appreciation. Let’s dive deeper into what makes these workshops the top choice for team building events.

Dumpling Cooking Class: Crafting Culinary Connections

Dumplings, cherished in various forms across Asia, serve as a universal symbol of togetherness. In this cooking experience, your team will learn and bond over the art of making dumplings from scratch. Here’s a closer look at what makes this experience special:

  • Skill Development: Participants learn the fine art of creating dumpling wrappers and crafting delicious fillings. The attention to detail required in this process is an excellent exercise in patience and precision.
  • Variety and Creativity: The workshop allows for experimentation with different dumpling folding styles and customized fillings. This encourages team members to think creatively and adapt to varying challenges.
  • Culinary Reward: The best part? After the hard work, you get to enjoy your own unlimited dumpling. Sharing the delicious dumplings you’ve created is a wonderful way to celebrate your team’s achievements.
  • Dumpling Master Competition: But here’s the twist, add a Dumpling Master Competition to elevate the excitement. After the dumplings are made, teams present their creations, we will select the winning team based on the most beautiful and creatively folded dumplings. This friendly competition not only encourages teams to put their best culinary skills forward but also adds an element of fun to the event. The victorious team gets to bask in the glory of their dumpling masterpiece as the Dumpling Masters, adding a competitive edge to your team building experience.

Make your own jar of Kimchi Workshop

Korean entertainment has taken the world by storm, and so as Korean cuisine becoming more popular. At this Kimchi Making Workshop, your team will explore the secrets of this beloved iconic Korean dish. Creating kimchi is not only about food but also about working together harmoniously:

  • Cultural Immersion: Participants delve into the history and cultural significance of kimchi in Korean cuisine. Understanding the heritage behind the dish fosters cultural appreciation and teamwork.
  • Precision and Patience: Crafting kimchi requires attention to detail, from properly seasoning Napa cabbage and vegetables to managing the fermentation process. These aspects mirror the importance of meticulous planning and patience in any team endeavor.
  • Team work: Making kimchi is a labour of love. Korean will gather the whole family to make kimchi together. Each member responsible for a different seasoning, process to make the delicious kimchi together.
  • Take Home a Piece of Korea: As a delightful souvenir, each participant takes home their jar of freshly made kimchi, a tangible reminder of the team’s collaborative efforts.

Creative Bento Workshop

Japanese bento boxes are a testament to meticulous planning, presentation, and balance. In the Bento Workshop, your team will explore these principles, enhancing organizational skills and creativity:

  • Design Principles: Team members learn the art of bento box design, which includes considerations of colour, texture, and balance of nutrients. These principles extend beyond culinary arts and can be applied to project management and problem-solving.
  • Diverse Dishes: The workshop covers a range of dishes, from Japanese onigiri to colourful decorative vegetables, encouraging team members to diversify their skills and contribute their unique talents to the group.
  • Cultural Insight: Understanding the cultural significance of bento boxes in Japanese society adds depth to the experience, fostering an appreciation for different perspectives and traditions.

Dear Asia London’s Dumpling Workshop, Kimchi Workshop, and Bento Workshop are more than just culinary cooking classes, they are transformative team building experiences and exploring different cultures. These classes offer the perfect blend of skill development, cultural immersion, and creativity, while also providing tangible takeaways in the form of delicious dishes and newfound camaraderie. The next time you’re planning a team building event in London, consider these cooking classes with us for a deep and enriching experience that will leave your team inspired and connected.

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