What do I do if I miss a lesson?

Don’t worry, we know Londoners lead busy lives, and we’re here to help if you miss a lesson. We are the only school in London that offers free makeup lessons with other classes during your term time. However, since courses start on different dates, it might be difficult to find a class that aligns with the lesson you’ll miss. You can reach out to our Learning team to discuss available options.

Alternatively, we offer four additional ways to ensure you don’t fall behind in your studies. See below.

free options

Dial in from Zoom

If you’re unable to attend a lesson in person but can join online, please inform your teacher via your class WhatsApp group. We’ve been offering hybrid lessons for several years, allowing students to participate remotely without missing out on any learning time.

request a Lesson Recording

If you can’t attend your regular lesson, you can ask your teacher in your class WhatsApp group to record it and send you the link afterward. While you won’t be able to participate in real time, you’ll still get a full recording of the material covered.

paid options

Online Private Make-Up Lesson

This is an easy and efficient way to book a private session with one of our teachers, whether you need to make up a missed lesson, practice your skills, or fill in any information gaps. This one-hour makeup lesson is available at a reduced rate of just £40. Please note that this link is not intended for repeatedly booking online lessons to replace an online learning package.

Book Make-Up Lesson

In Person Private Make-Up Lesson

Book a one-hour private lesson at our learning center at your convenience. This hour-long session typically covers as much material as a 1.5-hour group lesson or more. With personalized guidance from one of our teachers, you’ll maximize the value of your private makeup class. The price for this in-person private makeup lesson is £60 per hour.

Book Make-Up Lesson