Creative Bento Challenge

Perfect team building Cooking Class in central London for just £99 per person

Elevate your culinary skills with our innovative take on a traditional Japanese cooking class! Immerse yourself in the delightful challenge of mastering bento recipes, where precision meets creativity. Our expert instructors will guide you through essential techniques and encourage your unique ideas to adorn your dishes with artistic flair. Get ready to create a visually stunning meal that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. Intrigued by the prospect of culinary exploration? Don’t hesitate—secure your spot today and embark on a culinary journey like no other!

How it works –

In this Japanese cooking class, you will learn how to make the bento stables, such as hand rolled sushi, hand shaped onigiri, folding tamagoyaki and hand cut vegetable decorations, all to be enjoyed at the end with a bowl of nourishing miso soup.

  • A warm welcome from our team
  • Engaging food and culture pop quiz
  • Prizes awarded to the Cultural Masters
  • An introduction to our exquisite array of ingredients and the selection bento recipes
  • Time to cook – roughly 1 hour for cooking and decorating
  • Time to enjoy – up to 1 hour to enjoy the food, drinks and chats
  • Judges choosing the Bento Sensei winners
  • Prizes awarded to the Master Chef
  • (Feel free to choose any point in time for your team speech.)

Why book with us –

Sharing food holds a special place in Asian culture, and we’re here to infuse that sense of togetherness into your team through our culinary experiences. Our cooking classes depart from the conventional cooking school model, sparing you from the mundane tasks of chopping, washing, and preparing an entire menu.

We offer an event-based cooking experience with team building in mind. Depending on the occasionals, we design the event to reflect your team culture, the special occasion and our food traditions. Lastly, our cooking classes are thoughtfully designed to cater to everyone on your team, regardless of their culinary expertise or dietary preferences.

Our venues-

  • Aldgate East (E1 6AB) is our home venue, just minutes from tube station, featuring big beautiful windows, high ceilings and a spacious hall for up to 40 guests.
  • Liverpool Street (E1 7AW) is a premium venue featuring award winning interior deco, a bigger kitchen and two floors for our guests.
  • Homerton (E9 6AB) is our venue if you prefer the East, it’s a venue with creative deco, high ceiling and great sound system if you like a proper party vibe.

Japanese Bento

A Japanese bento embodies a healthy, balanced Japanese diet. It’s not just a nourishing meal but also an opportunity for creativity and thoughtfulness. From hand-rolled sushi to shaped onigiri, tasty tempura to veggie decorations, a bento becomes a lunch delight and visual masterpiece.

What we offer to your team

  • An authentic Japanese cooking class featuring hand-rolled sushi, onigiri, tempura etc
  • Tea and water to the table
  • Fresh seasonal fruits
  • A chance to savor the famous Japanese sake for toasts
  • Exclusive use of a beautiful private venue for your event

aldgate East

Our home venue – group of up to 40

Liverpool Street

Premium venue – group of up to 40


Party venue – group of up to 40

Some of our reviews

Some of our reviews