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Lunar New Year (Year of Dragon) Celebration


Lunar New Year (Year of Dragon) Celebration

Where:DA Aldgate Centre
The Lunar New Year, is steeped in centuries-old Chinese traditions that signify renewal, family unity, and the welcoming of good fortune. We want to share the customs and celebrate this important festival with all of you. The event will feature a reception of traditional Chinese food and snacks, baijiu tasting, traditional craft like paper cutting and calligraphy for the new year. Come join us for a heartfelt celebration to welcome Year of Dragon!

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Chinese New Year is a time for family reunion. People make a special effort to travel and reunite with their families, have a large family meal on the eve of the new year. You will have a chance to try traditional Chinese food, snacks and drinks like baijiu to experience the festivities of Chinese new year. 

One integral aspect of Lunar New Year celebrations is the art of decoration. You can try Chinese paper cutting or calligraphy at the event. Chinese calligraphy, is often used to inscribe well-wishes for the coming year. During Chinese New Year, homes are adorned with red paper cuttings featuring themes related to the festival. These decorations are believed to bring luck and prosperity to the household.

You will have the chance to create your own calligraphic or paper cutting pieces to bring it home as decoration.

Let’s come together to celebrate the beauty of Chinese traditions and the promise of a prosperous New Year.

About the Event

When: 7 February (Wednesday)

Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Where:  DA Aldgate Centre

Who: All are welcome! 

How much: £30 – book your tickets above. (FREE for our students, please RSVP below)  

What is included: Snacks, teas, crafting materials, a chance to wear tradition Chinese cloths hanfu.

What to bring: Everything will be provided

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February 7 @ 6:00 pm 7:00 pm GMT