Celebrate the Cultural Diversity Week

London is gearing up for Cultural Diversity Week in March, and at Dear Asia London, we invite you to explore the richness of East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) culture with our exclusive program. This Cultural Diversity Week, delve into the tapestry of traditions, languages, and customs that define our vibrant community.

Dear Asia London goes beyond a language school — it’s a bridge connecting individuals to the diverse cultures of East and Southeast Asia. With a focus on education, appreciation, and understanding, our program aims to break down cultural barriers and foster unity in our global community.

What we offer:

Korean Training Method for beginner to advance
Korean teacher teaching Korean at class

1. Language Courses for corporate:

Immerse yourself in the linguistic diversity of Asia. Our language courses, led by professional native teachers, offer insights into Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages and cultures , fostering a deeper appreciation for linguistic and cultural diversity.

2. Best of Asia Cooking Experiences:

Delight your taste buds with culinary experiences featuring a variety of Asian cuisines. Learn about the significance of ingredients, cooking techniques, and cultural stories behind each dish as you savour the flavours of the region.

Chinese Dumplings Making Workshop: Join us as we delve into the art of crafting delectable Chinese dumplings. It’s not just about folding dough; it’s about the shared laughter, creativity, and the joy of creating a culinary masterpiece together.

Korean KFC Cooking Class: Experience the thrill of Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) preparation! Uncover the secrets behind the perfect crunch and flavor, and witness how teamwork makes the dining experience even more delightful.

Japanese Bento Box Making: Elevate your team’s culinary skills with a journey into the world of Japanese Bento. From vibrant colors to meticulous arrangements, discover the art of crafting beautiful and delicious bento boxes that tell a story on every plate.

3. Best of Asia Zen Art and Craft Workshops:

Unleash your creativity in our art and craft workshops, where you can learn traditional crafts and artistic expressions from East and Southeast Asia. From calligraphy to paper cutting, these workshops offer a hands-on experience in the rich artistic heritage of the region.

4. Best of Asia Chinatown Food Crawl

Step into the cultural kaleidoscope with our Chinatown Food Crawl, a team-building experience designed to promote and celebrate cultural diversity. Chinatown, with its deep-rooted history, represents more than just a culinary adventure—it’s a testament to the diverse communities that have shaped it over the years. By delving into the array of Asian street food, your team will not only savor the exquisite flavors but also gain insight into the cultural stories and traditions woven into each dish. From the dumpling-making techniques passed down through generations to the intricate artistry of noodle craftsmanship.

It is not just a culinary exploration; it’s an opportunity to embrace diversity, strengthen team bonds, and build a workplace that thrives on the richness of varied experiences. Let’s embark on this cultural adventure together and sow the seeds of a more inclusive and connected team This Cultural Diversity Week, make a meaningful connection with the diverse cultures of East and Southeast Asia. Join us for an enriching and immersive experience that celebrates unity in diversity. Let March be a month of celebration, understanding, and unity at Dear Asia London

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